With iPROTECT Surveillance, your identity information will be constantly monitored for past history and real-time frauds or threats. We will detect an elevated likelihood for misuse of an individual’s Social Security Number, name, address, phone, and date of birth. You will receive an actionable identity alert whenever an item appears that is outside your normal behavior.

iPROTECT Surveillance gives you a comprehensive, all-inclusive view of your credit report and score, and notifies you when anything changes. If we spot any potential fraud, we’ll act on it swiftly and effectively. Together with our proactive identity surveillance features, our all-inclusive service gives you security and peace of mind. Our solution is as robust as any of those used by the nation's leading financial institutions.



 New and Exisitng Credit Card Accounts      DMV Records

 Wireless Carrier Applications                        Government Databases

 Mortgages                                                        Real Estate Records

 Auto/Consumer/Payday Loans                     Court Records

 Checking Accounts and Check Orders         Criminal Records

 Utility Accounts                                                Social Security Records



Because identity fraud usually occurs before identity theft, our proactive system is critical to mitigating theft before it occurs. This will reduce or eliminate the likelihood of extensive and expensive damage that can be done after an identity is stolen and manipulated.


iPROTECT builds a complete shield around your identity from beginning to end – leaving nothing to chance.